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I want to say thank to you people for this great and helpful info. Thanks!!!
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Hi Susie — Thank you for the question. We would view alumni associations as individual membership organizations. And congratulations on your excellent renewal rate. Tony
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I'm the alumni director for a university. Based on your report, do you classify university alumni associations as individual or organizational? At present, we have a 91.2% renewal rate. Thank you in advance for your reply.
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Well expressed. One step at a time. Even small steps. If one is not taking steps, one is not going anywhere…
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Hi Joe — Thank you for the comment and for the question. Data is great for answering the question, "what" is happening and not as good at answering the questions "why" it is happening. But let me take a guess at why. Traditionally an association's membership categories have been locked in by bylaws. I think that with the economic challenges that many organizations are facing, those things previously written in stone have come up for discussion — like membership models. I often share with my clients and colleagues that the benefit of challenges and even failure is that it opens the door to trying new things and many times the new things and inventions prove very successful. Any that is my theory. Tony
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