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In the past week, on behalf of a client, I’ve had to contact three different software vendors. In all three cases, I used their online form (“contact us”) and provided my contact information, along with information about what my client was seeking (i.e., I have a buyer who would like to talk to you).

In all three cases, I received an immediate email response saying someone would get in touch with me soon. In all three cases, I did NOT receive a real response in less than 72 hours! THREE DAYS! To respond to an email that says “I have a buyer, I need more info.”

Do you have a “contact us for more information” form on your website? (If not, you should!)

And how quickly do you respond? If you can’t respond, live, within 24 business hours, you need to find out why and fix it.

This is the 21st century. Customers (especially those saying “I’m ready to buy”) expect immediate gratification. Are you giving it to them, or not?

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Tagoras Consulting is presenting their first-ever Learning • Technology • Design™ (LTD) conference on May 18 and 19, 2016, in Arlington, VA. This is a learning experience designed specifically for professionals in the business of continuing education and professional development. The goal of the event is to help attendees find new and better ways to engage learners and create lasting impact through the effective use of technology.

I’m on the advisory board and will be serving as faculty for the program. For more information and to register, click here. I hope to see you there!

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One of the most common requests I hear from my clients is the ability to compare year-over-year statistics on things such as membership counts (e.g., how many associate members did we have last year on January 1, versus this year?).

Year-over-year comparisons can be very useful. But one of the challenges that a dynamic database presents is that it can be tricky if not impossible to query for historical data. Because the database and its data is always in flux, it’s possible that over time, data may change (or be deleted, and these changes can affect historical counts.

As a simple example, suppose you have 500 individual members in your organization on January 1, 2014. During the year, one of those members dies, so they are removed from the database. When you go to query the database on January 1, 2015, the count will be off by one, because the data has changed.

This is where snapshots of data are very useful. Snapshots are just what they sound like: a picture of the data at a given point in time. The most common snapshots I see among my clients is snapshots of membership counts and event registration. But others might be useful, too, like donor information, sponsor information, exhibitors, and so on.

So if you’re interested in doing year-over-year comparisons on key data points in your database, a snapshot of that data might be the smartest way to go.

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Managing data is difficult. It takes time. It can be tedious. And it’s a never-ending task.

So it’s very important to be sure we’re not making the management of data even more difficult by virtue of the business rules we have constructed.

For example, I worked with one association who had such convoluted business rules for joining the association that it usually took staff five minutes on the phone just explaining which membership type a potential member qualified for and what the membership fee would be. This wasn’t time selling, mind you, just time explaining.

As a result of these incredibly complex membership rules, joining online is exceedingly difficult, as is processing dues and dues renewals. Much custom programming is required to address all the nuances of membership.

The worst part of this scenario is that this is all self-inflicted. The association set these rules; they were not forced upon them by government or some other all-powerful force.

So look around your organization. Where do you have data management challenges? Are any of those challenges because of business rules that the association has complete control over? Very often the answer is “Yes.”

The good news is, if it’s self-inflicted, you can fix it. If you’re willing to.

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A client of mine located in Ashburn VA is seeking a director of education. This is a small (3 FTE) medical association with a great work environment.

You can learn more about the position by clicking here.

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